Guidance, Knowledge, And Passion

Practice Areas

I focus my practice as much as possible to make sure clients are getting the best representation possible. For areas of law that I do not practice, there may be a great lawyer that I can refer you to. Please give me a call.


I am one of the few attorneys who have had a court of appeals victory published. I have had success for clients both in the Court of Appeals and reviewing their cases to give an honest opinion on their chances of success. I handle both civil and criminal appeals. I have recently won a victory in the Wisconsin Supreme Court. There is a huge difference between a good lawyer and a mediocre lawyer when it comes to handling appeals. Make sure you are hiring the best!

Contracts And Contract Disputes

Contracts are something that our society benefits from tremendously. The power of making a binding contract is something that many people take lightly. One wrong word in a clause can cause a serious problem down the road. If you need a new contract, an existing contract analyzed or you wish to sue under a contract, please give me a call. Contract law is very complicated. What may seem like a simple contract fight can end up being decided by principles and doctrines that were created a hundred years ago.

Criminal Law

When you are charged with a crime, you need to know what your options are. The last thing that you need is an attorney who will not answer your questions or return your phone calls. As the testimonials on this site show, I get results for my clients. I am one of the few lawyers in the state certified to take cases all the way to first-degree intentional homicide. Criminal defense is a passion and I will not judge anyone who comes to my office. I handle all criminal cases except drunk driving (OWI).

Employment Law And Discrimination

Protecting your company can be accomplished with the right planning. Whether you want an employment agreement that contains all of the necessary language or a severance agreement that protects you from a lawsuit down the road, a lawyer trained to handle employment issues can help avoid a lot of problems. As a lawyer who regularly sues employers, I can help you avoid mistakes I see other employers make. I defend and go after employers for discrimination. I have had great success getting results for clients.

Landlord Defense Law

I sharpened my skills in this area of law by mediating all eviction actions in La Crosse County for two years. This is an area of law that I teach to other lawyers. I have been a frequent speaker at the Wisconsin Apartment Association’s annual convention. I have defended landlords for years and have sued cities on behalf of landlords. I find that many lawyers do not have the necessary grasp of this area of law and can find themselves in trouble very fast.