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A Diligent Defense Against Criminal Charges

Getting charged with a crime is one of the most challenging and stressful legal troubles you can encounter. The criminal justice system is far from simple or straightforward. Thankfully, you have the constitutional right to hire an attorney – and it’s one of the most important rights you can exercise when your freedom, reputation and future all hang in the balance.

At Wis Lawyer, you will find a top-rated attorney committed to standing by your side through the entire criminal justice process. Defense lawyer Bernardo Cueto has more than a decade of legal experience. Before starting his own practice, he served as a law clerk for a judge in the La Crosse County Circuit Court, gaining valuable experience on the other side of the bench. He now applies that experience to help people navigate the complexities of criminal charges such as:

  • Theft offenses such as shoplifting
  • Violent crimes such as assault and domestic violence
  • Firearms and weapons offenses
  • Homicide, including manslaughter and intentional homicide (murder)
  • Sex offenses such as sexual assault and statutory rape

Mr. Cueto also handles criminal appeals and post-conviction proceedings.

Uniquely Positioned To Defend Against Tough Charges

Attorney Cueto is no stranger to defending clients against high-stakes criminal charges. He is qualified to handle first-degree murder charges, the most serious type of criminal charge in Wisconsin. He understands how to unravel the state’s case by diligently working to develop a strategy for the unique circumstances at play. Most of all, he is committed to bringing his “A-game” to every case, whether a felony or misdemeanor.

No matter what type of charge you are facing, you can count on attorney Cueto to take your case seriously, applying the dedication and effort it takes to fight for a successful outcome.

Discuss The Next Steps In Your Criminal Case

The sooner you get a proven advocate on your side, the more time they will have to build a strong defense. To learn more about working with lawyer Bernardo Cueto, contact his office in Onalaska, Wisconsin, at 608-797-8123. You can also send him an email through the website.